Cathy: Sometimes the timing isn’t perfect, but hey

Cathy, a dynamic woman in her late 30s, came to us with a mission. She wanted to know what her career options were, what her next great role would be. As a senior-level executive for a consulting firm, she spent her workdays helping state agencies best utilize government healthcare resources. Her goal was to get back to the corporate world, and wanted clarity that she was doing the right thing.

Andrew: Constructing the ideal position

Andrew’s story is all too familiar. The recession impacted his career and, despite an objectively impressive resume, he couldn’t get traction to move into a more elevated position.  And even though Andrew, an extrovert, didn’t outwardly exhibit a lack of confidence, it was clearly affecting his approach to his job search.

Sarah: Surviving and thriving after a downsizing

After a corporate acquisition and subsequent restructuring/downsizing, our team was tapped to help 12 senior-level executives transition into new jobs. With over 15 years at the acquired company, Sarah initially panicked at the idea of re-entering the job market after she lost her job. She’d been at the same firm for so long, she couldn’t see herself anywhere else.

Kate: Channeling creative spirit into fulfilling corporate journey

An LA-based actor, stand-up comic, barista, copywriter, poet and nanny, 26-year-old Kate came to us when she was at a career crossroads, looking to answer the “what next” question. Highly ambitious, creative, and with an extensive yet eclectic resume, Kate was, quite simply, all over the place. She had realized she needed to up her game if she wanted to stop living hand-to-mouth and prepare, financially, for her future.