After a corporate acquisition and subsequent restructuring/downsizing, our team was tapped to help 12 senior-level executives transition into new jobs. With over 15 years at the acquired company, Sarah initially panicked at the idea of re-entering the job market after she lost her job. She’d been at the same firm for so long, she couldn’t see herself anywhere else. “I won’t be able to make the same money.” “My age and experience will be held against me.” “There are so few executive roles in this specialty in the Valley.” Sarah’s level of concern seemed to grow with each passing day.



Our approach centered around two major areas to elicit change: 1) the very psychology of change and 2) altering Sarah’s perspective on her depth of expertise and the market value of that expertise, even across industries. Objectively, although she didn’t yet see it herself, she was in a strong position and a competitive candidate. We guided Sarah through our program and helped her find her voice, to comfortably, authentically express how her experience was transferrable, relevant and valuable.



Sarah emerged from the program empowered, more self-aware, with an expanded network and an understanding of the importance of personal marketing. She got her power back. After five months, and before her severance package ended, Sarah landed a leadership position at a $600M company with a 15 percent increase from what she had made earlier.