After 18 years working in the Middle East, “Jane” was ready to go back home to the West Coast. Her internal voice looped the following questions over and over again: “How can I leave this great, global leadership and project management career of 18 years in the Middle East to return to the US? It’s my life, family and work. I’ve spent the majority of my work life in the oil patch. It’s all I’ve really known. How will my career experience, skills and expertise with one organization translate to opportunities back home on the West Coast? Could I make the transition? Where should I begin? How will I pitch my story? What opportunities would I pursue?”


These were just some of the questions that surfaced in my early Skype (from the Middle East) with Jane. During our coaching meetings as we gathered data, brainstormed and formulated our coaching plan of attack. There was a lot of emotion associated with such heavy work/life questions and decisions combined with-the psychology of personal change, the attitude factor, and the role of faith/spirit. All are needed to successfully manage a major career and life change of this magnitude.

We tackled:

1) Personal Change: identifying strategies to process and control the changes (vs. them managing us);

2) Personal Marketing: identifying the most significant contributions and competencies that made Jane the best in her niche and then building her story, brand and resume along with all of the related networking, interviewing and communications tools;

3) Self-Awareness: understanding of her values, interests and skills;

4) Campaign Planning & Execution: honing in on and managing four key campaign components and success metrics.

Jane, an amazing person and professional, accelerated through the executive coaching program in record time, successfully relocating and landing her next senior level project management opportunity in an exciting new industry, at the desired level, in her preferred geographic location.