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Looking for a career change, or caught in your company downsizing?
Deciding between two job offers?
Are you tired of asking Dad, your buddy or co-worker for advice?

You may want to assess areas of strength, areas for improvement; enhance business relationships and communications; evaluate career options; and learn how to effectively deal with organizational change by building a personal career plan.

All of these areas are expertly covered and made available to you as part of the resources and tools offered by Recchion & Associates in the powerful “Program Yourself For Success: 10 Key Career and Job Search Strategies” workshop, and personal coaching programs.

Getting ready for a job interview? Let us help you practice a mock interview to anticipate the questions and prepare laser-focused answers that will build your value and wow your potential employer. Learn the four key actions to “ace” any interview, how to create rapport and chemistry, win the psychological edge, and gain the advantage over your competition.

Do you know or understand what is essential to create a resume that HR or the Hiring Manager at the company of your choice is looking for in an applicant? Whether it’s to apply for a new position, prepare for a performance review, or introduce you to a new supervisor or network connection, you need someone who understands your “brand,” your sustainable, competitive advantage and how best to sell it.

For your success, that someone must know the winning marketing strategies to get your resume through the initial HR screening and onto the desk of the person who makes the hiring decision ― someone who has a unique, proven resume building and interviewing “personal marketing process” that instills confidence and gets results!

We have that someone…and a staff committed to developing your personal strategies for career success!

When you work with Recchion & Associates the right advice is never more than a phone call away.