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Program Description……..Results
Learn key strategies to manage a successful career transition/job search, through an accelerated personal coaching/training program that successfully guides individuals who have been impacted by organizational change and/or are exploring new career opportunities. Learn and use “best practice” tools, resources and personal marketing and communications techniques to take ownership of your career direction, build your value and confidence, create focus and rise above the competition in a competitive job market.

Who Should Attend

  • As an outplacement benefit, employees from companies in transition, and/or individuals who are underemployed, unemployed, exploring a career change, recent graduates, those who want to learn career development and transition success strategies……Also available as one on one, face to face or virtual individual and executive coaching program.

You Will Receive

  • Comprehensive “Program Yourself For Success…” Book – over 270 pages of examples, assessments, exercises, processes, success stories
  • Additional job search handouts – Recruiter listings, company contacts, websites and resources
  • Accelerated coaching and training success program

You Will Learn……..

  • Key change strategies to turn adversity into opportunity.
  • To focus on your Brand – Self-Awareness, Personal Mission, Goals and Skills Exercises; explore skill transferability.
  • A unique, laser focused resume-building and personal marketing process: assessing and documenting your key marketable, transferable skills and S-T-A-R contributions, and the psychology behind this process to build value and marketability.
  • The importance of market research and analysis, the extra effort that can put you over the top and above your competition.
  • To develop and manage your personal marketing campaign incorporating four key strategies: Networking, Internet/Job Board Ads, Agencies/Executive Search Firms and Targeting.
  • …and practice verbal and non-verbal communication techniques, interview dynamics, and how to respond to the tough S-T-A-R behavioral interview questions.
  • 4 key actions to “ace” any behavioral interview including: How to create rapport and chemistry; three “must” strategies to gain the edge, build confidence and prepare for the psychology of the interview process; how to sell your contributions to match the position requirements and build your value; one “prep” exercise that is guaranteed to give you the advantage.
  • Understand when the negotiation process begins? What’s negotiable? And learn how to respond to salary inquiries and develop negotiation prep strategies?
  • Create and manage a focused campaign plan with daily/weekly goals; evaluate which strategies are working, which are not and adjust your marketing/campaign plan.