Recchion and Associates delivers
  • full-service career management
  • training
  • coaching
  • outplacement expertise

Only you can tell your story

So many of us have no idea what our story is. Or, most tragically, we don’t believe it has value.

Recchion and Associates helps you unearth your story, package it and then transmit it

Gary’s step-by-step process forces you to step outside of your comfort zone, galvanizes you to uncover long-hidden strengths and empowers you to change. When your professional growth is aligned with your personal interests, values and skills, that’s when you’ll know you’ve arrived.



With Gary, you will establish clear objectives and milestones to measure success.



To Gary, success is only achieved when you have reached your mutually agreed-upon goals, tangible (career development plans, resume, letters, scripts) and intangible (confidence, strategy, personal power).



Openness and empathy form the foundation of every successful coaching relationship. Because Gary is non-threatening, and intuitive, his process fast-tracks you towards definable results.