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(Four 4-Hour Workshops)
This continuing series is designed to help you master personal marketing and career communications, understand one’s unique brand, take ownership of your work life, and build your value and career confidence.
The PCL workshop series includes: Create A Laser-Focused Resume; Developing Awesome Interview Skills; The Power of Networking: Building Relationships and Connecting with People; and Mastering Change – “Who Moved My Cheese?” 

  • TOPIC 1 – Create a Laser-Focused Resume
  • TOPIC 2 – Developing Awesome Interview Skills
  • TOPIC 3 – The Power of Networking
  • TOPIC 4 – Mastering Change – “Who Moved My Cheese?”

Program Details


[pane title=”Create a Laser-Focused Resume”]
The resume is your most important personal marketing tool, the first impression others have of you, and determines your value in the internal and external marketplace. When developed professionally, it becomes your script for an “Awesome” interview and a critical source for building personal career confidence. Learn this unique resume-building and personal marketing process, including assessing and documenting your key marketable, transferable skills and S-T-A-R contributions.
– Plan for and pursue internal and external career opportunities
– Prepare for the performance review process
– Interview, network or even introduce you to a new supervisor
1. Increases understanding of a unique resume-building and personal marketing process; teaches the psychology behind this process and positive impact on building candidate value, selling skills/contributions and obtaining an internal interview;
2. Utilize career marketing strategies, and identify strengths and weaknesses associated with using either of the two major resume formats;
3. Draft resume S-T-A-R contribution statements and know the value in documenting/selling key marketable, transferable skills in the resume;
4. Create a laser-focused resume tailored to each target opportunity and how to use the resume as the script for any interview;
5. Significantly improve career communications skills, personal marketing and confidence through the performance review process, interview and networking processes.


[pane title=”Developing Awesome Interview Skills”]

ANYONE can become a skilled interviewee! You’ll learn the 4 key actions to “ace” any S-T-A-R behavioral interview including:
– How to create rapport and chemistry
– Three strategies to gain the edge and build confidence
– How to sell your contributions to match the position requirements and build your value
– One “prep” exercise that is guaranteed to give you the advantage over your competition
You’ll also practice verbal and non-verbal communication techniques, interview dynamics, and how to respond to the tough S-T-A-R behavioral interview questions.
1. Learn how to “get psyched” for every interview; use the three “must” strategies to prepare for the psychology of the interview process;
2. Know the 5 types of interviews, 4 key actions necessary to “ace” any interview scenario, and will practice specific verbal/non-verbal communication strategies to create rapport/chemistry and build value;
3. Review and practice responding to the toughest behavioral interview questions; know how to develop and use a Behavior/Skill S-T-A-R Matrix guaranteed to give the interviewee a distinct advantage;
4. Significantly improve career communications skills, personal marketing and confidence through the interview, performance review and networking processes.

[pane title=”The Power of Networking – Building Relationships and Connecting with People”]
In today’s business climate, networking smart, developing and maintaining a personal and professional network, and building relationships is key to personal and organizational success. Technical skills aren’t enough. Individual career success depends more on “relationship” skills, building your business/personal network of contacts and alliances with peers, leaders, staff, groups, teams, customers and suppliers.
– The power of business and personal networks strategies and actions to build a large,
diverse “Knowledge Network”
– Skills to evaluate, improve and manage your network relationships, “Up/Down and Sideways”
– How to create and present your 1- to 2-minute “elevator speech”
– 7 network meeting agenda and preparation strategies
1. Learn the power of business and personal networks, and the concept that today individual career success depends more on “relationship” skills, building your business/personal network of contacts and alliances;
2. Understand the “Knowledge Network” concept, and learn specific strategies/ actions to develop a strong, diverse network;
3. Practice skills to evaluate, improve and manage the individual’s present personal and professional network, “Up/Down and Sideways”;
4. Create and rehearse a 1- to 2-minute elevator speech to introduce yourself in a network situation;
5. Know 7 network meeting agenda and preparation strategies, and be able to create network meeting correspondence;
6. Significantly improve networking and relationship building skills and strategies, crucial to personal and professional success.

[pane title=”Mastering Change – ‘Who Moved My Cheese?'”]
How to Let Go of the “Old” and Find the “New” Cheese
Can we thrive in a rapidly changing work/life environment, learn to turn adversity into an opportunity? This interactive workshop, recently updated with new strategies, is based on the continuing #1 best-selling business book, “Who Moved My Cheese?” which deals with the subject of changes in one’s life and work, featuring “Hem,” “Haw,” “Sniff,” and “Scurry,” characters who represent parts of all of us and how we deal with change.
In this class you will learn:
– The 4 perspectives to dealing with change
– How to identify the “Handwriting on the Wall”
– When you CHOOSE to change you GAIN
– Hem and Haw’s journey of “Loss” and “Gain”
– How to “imagine” your New Cheese and take action
1. Study the characters and learn the 4 perspectives to deal with work and life changes; recognize that our ability to effectively manage change is critical to personal and professional success;
2.  Increase awareness of the “Handwriting on the Wall”: those facts, feelings and wisdom/experience that tell us our “cheese” is moving or about to move;
3. Recognize the “Loss” and “Gain” associated with every change; understand the 5-stage “Grief Cycle,” and learn specific strategies to move to the “Acceptance” stage;
4. Practice “imagining” New Cheese, and be able to use this strategy to manage personal changes;
5. Significantly enhance career and personal change management skills, attitude, awareness and coping strategies.