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FAILING FORWARD … TOWARDS SUCCESS I recently heard an interview with leadership expert, best selling author and speaker, John Maxwell, and was intrigued by the discussion on the topic of “Failing Forward”, a book that he had written several years back … View PDF
INSPIRATION IN TIMES OF ADVERSITY Much of my coaching and training work over the years can be summarized in a couple of words: “psychology” and “relationships”… I’m over simplifying it, but I’ve seen lives change and careers skyrocket based on one’s predominant thoughts … View PDF
FIVE STRATEGIES TO ENERGIZE YOUR JOB SEARCH Whether you’ve just started or are in the middle of an arduous job search, are unemployed, underemployed, or thinking about a career change, let me suggest 5 strategies … View PDF
MANAGING TODAY’S CHANGES: Part 1, Need an Attitude Adjustment? Change… dealing with it, managing it, being more aware of everything that’s changing around us; then recognizing how we’re reacting and responding to the changes … View PDF
MANAGING TODAY’S CHANGES: Part 2, Need an Attitude Adjustment? So how is it that for some of us, our cup is half full, and for others it’s half empty? Why are some of us laser focused on the opportunities or the silver lining of change … View PDF
WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO TAKE OWNERSHIP OF YOUR CAREER -7 Key Responsibilities The challenge for each of us today is to recognize that the only real security we possess is that which we create within ourselves. It’s clear in today’s work environment … View PDF
CAREER DEVELOPMENT DISCUSSION – A Crucial Communications Tool Through this series of articles, we’ve talked about some important principles, strategies and challenges related to taking ownership of our career development … View PDF
CAREER DEVELOPMENT TODAY – How Would You Describe It? Part 1 What’s coming… Before I begin, I want you to know how pleased I am to be able to share my personal insights and experiences, personal success stories … View PDF
CAREER DEVELOPMENT TODAY – How Would You Describe It? Part 2 In Part 1, I talked about why describing or defining Career Development is an important first step in better understanding today’s career ground rules … View PDF
THREE “MUST” STRATEGIES TO PREPARE FOR ANY INTERVIEW: “How to Get Psyched” Clients regularly contact me, most of the time days in advance, though sometimes several hours or even minutes before an interview, for … View PDF