In our last two posts, we reviewed TRUST and BELIEVE, two elements of the TRUST, BELIEVE, DO mantra that is so critical to position yourself for success in your job search. Now it’s time to act. To DO.


As with anything in our work and life, we have to act, DO. All of the TRUST, BELIEVE attitude and psychology, inner strength, confidence and perseverance in the world won’t help us if we’re not ready to take action. Believe me, DOING, even if it doesn’t yield the result you want right away, is better than no action at all. This means moving past the roadblocks, fear, insecurity, uncertainty, lack of confidence, and worrying about what people might say. Ouch, now we’re hitting home. Been there; done that. Even so, Just DO it! (sound familiar?)

Here’s where, in a personal or career transition, process and tactics come into play. We want our DO’s, goals, actions to be well thought out and planned. We have to track every call, email, meeting, lead, and contact. Yet we need to be open and flexible, to be able to turn on a dime, move out of our comfort zone and take advantage of new and different opportunities. This could include consulting, part-time work, teaching or volunteering while we keep our eye on the ball. Focus is critical in our personal marketing/job search campaign, in developing our brand. Focus on strengths, contributions, experiences, career path and direction. But always stay open to other nudges from the universe.

This isn’t easy, and we didn’t sign up for a joy ride, but DO it anyway. Position every bump in the career transition road and every adversity as a challenge or test. It’s an opportunity to stretch yourself, know yourself, grow, strengthen your personal marketing and job search skills, your faith, family and your ability to persevere. Change your perspective, take action. DO.

TRUST, BELIEVE, DO…. Say it a few times, TRUST, BELIEVE, DO; TRUST, BELIEVE, DO; TRUST, BELIEVE, DO. This is it. Our success can be measured by the amount of TRUST, BELIEVE, DO that we possess. It is the silver bullet, the differentiator. Without it, nothing of any substance happens. It is our time. We will TRUST, BELIEVE and DO this!