It’s in times like these, as we search to navigate through unprecedented work/life changes, uncertainty and fear, that I’m prompted to look back and reflect on those past challenges I’ve overcome. There’s power in our own story, knowing that we’ve done it before and can do it again. Digging deep, persevering, overcoming and beating the odds. Even now, and for who knows how long. Our past experiences give us the confidence to tackle the challenges awaiting us. Maybe you’re a single mom and beat a tough divorce, or an addiction, loss of a loved one, job loss, financial or health crisis. Appreciate and embrace where you’ve been – YOUR story. It’s the inner strength, faith, and lessons learned that give us that extra courage as we face difficult economic times, particularly as a job seeker.

As I look back and think about my own story – successes, failures and challenges – and marvel at the powerful stories of the thousands of clients that I’ve worked with over the years, it has become very clear to me that our successes (and challenges we’ve overcome) can best be measured by our psychology, our attitude and our beliefs. These lead to self-awareness, confidence, personal power and success.

In my experience, this “psychology effect” overrides what we might be missing in the equation related to skills, degrees, experience and natural ability. The importance of psychology and attitude can’t be more important than in a personal or career change situation. Though I’ve used variations of this mantra in all of my career development, teaching, coaching, and consulting for as far back as I can remember, I’m only now relating it in three words that say it all: TRUST, BELIEVE, DO. For even in the most difficult of times – like now when you may be scared and feel like retreating and hiding — they can take your career and job search campaign to the next level and to success.

In this first of three posts, let’s look at the power of “Trust” in the “Job Seeker’s Mantra.” Next we’ll explore “Believe” and, following, “Do.”


Begin with Trust and faith in a higher power and in our spirit and belief, whatever that means to you. I know what it means to me. My clients and I talk about it often. TRUST is the glue that connects each of us; it’s at the center of our faith, confidence, all of our successful relationships, families, businesses, careers, personal and professional networks.

You can transform businesses, relationships, engage an entire organization, develop a strong personal faith, a successful career (you name it, the list goes on) and manage an exciting, creative, results-driven career transition, job search and life with TRUST.

Distrust, cynicism, listening to the “naysayers,” focusing on the “no’s”, what others think of us (or more accurately what we think they think of us…), and often the depressing TV and print news, creates more of the same in our personal and professional life, as well as in our job search campaign. This is our challenge. I feel you rolling your eyes. I know that it’s easier said than done, but TRUST anyway.

After all, you only need one lead, one connection or one position that fits your unique and brilliant skills, attributes, and style, regardless of the economics. We know in our heart of hearts it’s out there. It’s evidenced in our past, our accomplishments and work history. Just TRUST, even in times of adversity (this is TRUST in the truest sense), and know that every call, LinkedIn or network connection, daily/weekly goal, job board lead, action step you take, and “no” you receive will lead you closer to “yes,” that one opportunity, position, temp assignment or client, to turn this ship around and transform your career.

You and I know that this TRUST is critical to every aspect of our work and life, particularly in times of adversity, transition and personal change. And there is a lot of that going around. This couldn’t be any truer than when we’re riding the ups and downs of career transition, trying to focus on the opportunities, silver lining, and maintain the delicate balance, psychology and positive attitude required of any job seeker. It’s not easy, but TRUST anyway.