How would you explain quantum physics? And what does it have to do with our career success, health, wealth and happiness?

On one level, it’s the study of what makes up our world. The body is made up of cells, they’re made up of molecules, molecules are made up of atoms, which are made up of sub atomic particles – we are that energy.

On another level, quantum physics is the science of how our beliefs can shift our world, and reality – it’s where science intersects with religion or faith/spirit. Scientists are telling us that we have more power and control over our physical world (cells, atoms, particles), our life and circumstances than we could ever imagine – our thoughts + feelings (positive or negative) + faith or spirit/beliefs (personally, this is the key) = our supernatural “personal power” and our world that we experience. Some of us may have heard a variation of this message in our religious and spiritual teachings and experiences. It goes back to the idea that we reap what we sew; the thoughts, feelings, beliefs (and energy) that we give out come right back to us (both positive and negative) – it’s the law of cause and effect.

So that quantum formula that creates the energy or vibe that we give out (our self-concept and confidence) …. also determines how others receive and/or perceive us. This is vital to our own career and relationship management success. In my career and executive coaching work, I see the power of this play out vividly and either block or accelerate our career management, transition, and/or job search as we pursue our next great career opportunity.

Take some time to quiet your mind and think about those experiences that may be consciously or subconsciously stalling or blocking your next career move (don’t have a degree/certification; I’m too old, too young; it’s the economy/no jobs; feeling beat down, not worthy); and be brutally honest. Are there one or two specific situations that really resonate with you – that evoke strong emotions? Here’s a skinny list of some other examples that my clients and I often identify and talk through – and I wrestle with them too:

Past or present personal and/or professional/work changes, organization/culture shifts, boss relationships, acquisitions, lay-offs, relationship changes, job loss/change, conflicts, challenges, losses, failures (or “opportunities to learn and grow” – and I know what you’re thinking), “I don’t interview well”, “not comfortable blowing my horn”, perceived strengths/weaknesses.

We all have some negative tapes playing – we’re human and that’s life; however, some tapes if unnoticed or not processed can become our stallers and stoppers – they force us to dwell on the past, lose confidence, think and dream small – and it’s no surprise, that’s what shows up in our world. Those experiences are who we are, and are part of our story that in the end we have to confront, process and embrace – and when we do, it’s exhilarating – we take our power back, elevate our voice, dream big again and accelerate our career campaign and new beginnings…..

So in the final analysis, it’s our positive and/or negative thoughts, feelings, beliefs, faith/spirit, actions (conscious and subconscious), our self-talk, positivity, and attitude in response to these experiences, challenges, and adversity, that scientists say can directly affect and even predict our success. In my practice, I’ve seen the results show up in the search for meaningful work – quantum physics in action. It’s more important than any resume, interview, networking, personal marketing, and career campaign strategy – it’s our real personal power! Now let’s put this principle to use!

Quantum Strategies to Elevate Your Career Campaign

  • Let’s go back to an experience or tape that you identified above. Make a list of what you lost, and what you gained (the opportunities, silver lining and lesson(s) in personal change).
  • Are you in the Ending of that change (stage 1), and what emotions are you feeling (loss, grieving, sadness, anger)?
  • Are you stuck in Neutral (stage 2) – can’t move forward or backwards, stalled; what are the emotions (overwhelmed, exhausted, depressed)?
  • Or are you in the 3rd stage, New Beginnings, accepting of the change you’ve faced and the cards that you were dealt; what are the positive emotions that you’re experiencing (acceptance, re-energized, excited, faith, belief, confidence)?
  • Quietly sit in each of those stages as they surface throughout the day (and they will, in any order); allow, and simmer in the raw emotions – you diminish their power over you – that’s real healing.
  • Make peace with, believe in, embrace and APPRECIATE the power of YOUR story – where you’ve been, the difference that you’ve made, and where you’re at NOW. Trust in and communicate your STRENGTHS and UNIQUENESS – that breeds confidence and success – know that you are one of a kind, powerful and amazing. Remember what you appreciate, appreciates!
  • What are the top 12-15 contributions that make you the best in your field or niche? Start with your current role and work backwards. Include community, volunteer and education experience.
  • Acknowledge “chinks” in your armor: gaps, missing pieces/degrees/experiences/skills, even failures, and then focus on your strength in these areas. What happens?
  • What we’re missing, or so we think, no longer has power over us – we make a shift and take back our personal power! Our story is what it is, no excuses!
  • As we begin to get the quantum formula in check we can now take our story, and arrange it, much like a sacred puzzle into our personal marketing (resume, cover letters, network commercials, LinkedIn, interviews) and career campaign planning and strategies to build our value in the marketplace.
  • Guard your attention, intention and thought – what you give your attention and intention to expands and grows, and that creates your world. Be deliberate and conscious of what you want for yourself. Your life is an expression of your thoughts – shut out the negative ones.
  • Integrate other “mindfulness” practices like journaling, prayer, meditation, visualization, vision board, positive self-talk and affirmations.

Then quantum physics, the science of how our beliefs can shift our world and reality, kicks in. We’re digging deep, taking our personal power back, and setting ourselves up for success in work and life by tapping into the quantum formula. After all, our power is infinite as is our Source……trust in it, believe in it, keep the faith and take action! Go for it!

All the Best,