Program Yourself for Success: 10 Key Career and Job Search Strategies personal coaching and self-directed training program is based on a book that I’ve written of the same title. In this program you will learn the key strategies to manage a successful career transition/job search, through an accelerated personal coaching/training program that successfully guides individuals who have been impacted by organizational change and/or are exploring new career opportunities.

Learn and use “best practice” tools, assessments, resources and personal marketing, social networking, communications and personal change strategies to take ownership of your career direction, take back and strengthen your personal power and “voice” – build your value and confidence to the highest level, create focus and rise above the competition. Includes 2.5 hr. online “Awesome Interview Skills” course.

Program Agenda

  • Comprehensive “Program Yourself for Success…” book; over 270 pages of advice, exercises, strategies. Agenda/outline and strategies are tailored to individual client needs.
  • Combined 15 hr. (1-2 month*) program and 25 hour (3-4 month*) program are available (with other tailored coaching options); program coaching hours include one on one, face to face, Skype or tele-coaching, as well coach’s time in editing/writing the resume, and individual personal marketing materials – networking & interview pitch, LinkedIn, network/cover letters.

and is critical to our career development, a successful career change, transition and job search.

  • Learn key personal change/transformation strategies, the “Five C’s” (attitudes), to turn challenge, adversity into an opportunity and move into a “new beginning”.
  • We’ll learn how to accelerate this career process by reclaiming our personal power, voice, highest levels of confidence and personal marketing through a powerful change exercise.
  • That story line, brand statement is integral to building your resume and all personal marketing materials including: cover letter, networking letter, position exit statement, 15-30 second networking elevator pitch, 2-3 minute interview pitch, and LinkedIn profile that will elevate your value over your competition.
    • The key – identify the 15+ most significant contributions (STARs) and 12 skills/competencies that make you the best in your field, and are unique to your story & brand.
    • These become the threads that power your resume & personal marketing campaign – they are the script for your networking, interviewing and determine your market value.
  • You’ll practice communications in a 1- 2 hr. practice behavioral interview/training session and learn personal marketing and behavioral interviewing strategies to win any interview, and build your network. Includes the online “Awesome Interview Skills” class.
    • Learn five key strategies to respond to any salary questions…..
    • Three must strategies to prep for the psychology of any interview, “How to get psyched”.
    • One powerful interview strategy that is guaranteed to take your personal marketing, preparation, laser focus and value to the highest level though the interview process.

through our personal marketing, social media, interviewing and networking, and builds our market value and career confidence.

  • Self-awareness, brand module (for 3-4+ month program only) – values, interest assessments ($200+ value), personal mission, goals, skills exercises; we’ll explore skill transferability.
  • What is the single most important value or Career Anchor that is most aligned with how you’re wired – that inner most driver, value, your guiding light? This assessment changed my career and life many years back – it provided the answer I was searching for.
  • Includes one of the more revealing, compelling and difficult self-awareness assignments: A “Light Bulb” Moment – Inspired Work (Steve Jobs used a variation of this exercise).
  • We’ll use other powerful exercises to create a 2-3 page personal self-awareness summary of findings.

Networking/Social Media, Internet Job Boards/Ads, Agencies/Executive Search Firms and Targeting

  • Learn the importance of market research and analysis, the extra effort that can put you over the top and above your competition including completing a personal Target Market Plan.
  • Build a network strategy for your “A Team” Network and LinkedIn connections.
  • Understand when negotiation begins; what’s negotiable….learn to respond to salary inquiries and develop negotiation strategies.
  • Create and manage a focused campaign plan with daily/weekly goals; evaluate which strategies are working, which are not and adjust your marketing/campaign plan. Significantly improve career communications skills, personal marketing and confidence through the resume, interview and networking processes. Participants will receive: one-on-one face to face or tele-coaching; final resume (text and Word version), cover letter, Resume and Interview Workbooks, 2 hour behavioral interview practice coaching/training session.

Program Options

1-2 month*, 15 hour executive career coaching program

great program, tighter version of deliverables above, one version of the resume; does not include self-awareness module.

3-4 month*, 25 hour executive program

Includes multiple Combo resume versions, with 10 additional coaching hours (beyond the 15 hr. program) @ lowest hourly rate. Added coaching hours include extensive Self Awareness module (vision, values, mission, passion, goals, perfect work description) assessments/exercise, career campaign strategy development & execution, and/or 90 day new position on-boarding plan/coaching, or other coaching areas TBD by client and coach.

10 hr. “Personal Marketing” executive program

consists of the resume and interview modules from the 15 hr. “Program Yourself for Success” program above. We’ll create an exec level resume, cover letter, and revised LinkedIn profile, followed by a 1hr. behavioral interview session. Also includes a copy of my book and some powerful personal marketing and interview tools.

* Program length is just a guide and can be accelerated – depends on coach/client availability & pace.