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Have you said this about someone in your organization…?
“He would be a great leader if only…”
“She is someone with a world of potential if only…”
“He could soar to great heights if only…”
“She would be my top pick for the promotion if only…”

Recchion & Associates, Inc. specializes in fixing the “if only.” Our executive coaching staff will take potential and turn it into a more aware and talented leader within your organization. We can smooth out rough edges, coach promising managers through difficult periods – give them someone they can talk with for frank and constructive feedback.

If you’re looking for a third-party professional evaluation of your executives, we are able to support you. Our consultant staff can facilitate 360-degree feedback programs or lead feedback groups. We design consistent, powerful coaching programs that give you regular feedback on your management group. And when the results come in, we can help you implement any performance changes.