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Employees respond to a company that provides services geared to giving them tools that open avenues for advancement and/or more job satisfaction. Retaining your best and brightest employees is good business.

Our employee Career Center Program is a “win-win” option. Employees get personalized attention when it comes to developing career plans and exploring professional development opportunities. You get more satisfied, more committed and productive employees who believe their company believes in them.

Our Career Center provides a menu of services including:

  • resume development to make your people more competitive for conferences and internal advancements career coaching
  • career path planning
  • identification of relevant certifications and skills for career development
  • redeployment of employees impacted by outsourcing and reorganization

Proven results: Our most recent “best practice” corporate Career Center for employees saw as many as 10,000 participants annually take advantage of career services coaching, training, tools and resources creating an employee development culture.

In addition to our on-site services, our employee Career Center can provide one-on-one or group coaching via phone or internet consulting sessions.