Cost: $57.00

ANYONE can become a skilled  interviewee; actually a great one! In this 2.5 hour, self paced, on-line  personal coaching program you’ll learn the strategies for “flawless  interviewing”; maybe the most important personal marketing skill for career  success. You will use “best practice” success strategies, tools and resources  included in a comprehensive 54 page E-book that accompanies this coaching  program.

In addition, if you sign up today at our  new introductory rate of $57 you will receive a complimentary E-Book, “Create a  Laser Focused Resume.”

Regardless of education,  experience and personality each of us can learn to own and master the interview  and personal marketing process, build our career confidence, value and take our  skills to the next level. In a tight and competitive market we MUST demonstrate  and develop “flawless interviewing” skills.

In this personal coaching program  you will learn:

  • 4 key actions to prepare for and  “ace” any behavioral interview
  • The 6 types of interview  scenarios, with a focus on understanding and mastering the behavioral interview
  • 2 “burning” questions on the  mind of every interviewer
  • How to create rapport and  chemistry in any interviewer
  • How to “get psyched” for every  interview, using 3 “must” strategies to prepare for the  psychology of the interview process, gain the edge and build  confidence
  • One “prep” exercise that  is guaranteed to give you the advantage over your competition
  • Verbal and non-verbal  communication techniques, interview dynamics, and how to respond to  the top 10 traditional questions, and 20 S-T-A-R behavioral  interview questions
  • To create a “laser” focus  through the interview process, and sell your STAR contributions to  match the position requirements and build your value
  • One “closing” strategy to  “Seal the Deal”, elevate your candidacy and move past your  competition
  • Significantly improve career  communications skills, personal marketing and confidence through the  interview, performance review and networking processes
  • To take ownership of this key  personal marketing process, your direction and career success

GARY RECCHION is the principal  at Recchion and Associates, Inc., a full-service career management,  training, coaching and outplacement company in Phoenix, Arizona,  where he inspires success, purpose and passion in his coaching,  writing and speaking.

Gary facilitates this one on one,  career coaching program. He is a career coach, writer, trainer and  consultant with over 20 years experience in global career  development, career transition/outplacement and executive coaching.  He has coached and taught thousands of individual and corporate  clients across every level and discipline to take ownership of their  work and life, and connect with their passion. Gary’s career  development and transition programs, “Personal Career  Leadership”, “Five Principles of Career Success”  workshop series, and “The 10 Success Strategies to Finding the  Right Work”, inspire attitudes of success and purpose.

Gary has self-published a book entitled, “Program  Yourself for Success: 10 Key Career and Job Search Strategies,” has been a featured  partner and writer for, ManagerLink, (Monster  Companies), and and has authored numerous journal and magazine articles. For information about  individual client and corporate coaching/training programs contact Gary at and