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In today’s ever-changing and sometimes uncertain workplace, how does a company find and retain talented people? Recchion & Associates, Inc. offers training to help your business do just that. Our training programs include:

  • Hiring Great People: A talented staff begins with the critical step of hiring great people. With the high cost of recruiting and hiring, and the need to recruit and retain the best, this session is a “must” for all employees who participate on a behavioral interview team.
  • Personal Career Leadership™ Series: This series is designed to help your employees master personal marketing and career communications for internal opportunities, and understand their unique brand, to take ownership of their work life and build value and career confidence. The series includes Create A Laser-Focused Resume; Developing Awesome Interview Skills; The Power of Networking: Building Relationships and Connecting with People; and Mastering Change – “Who Moved My Cheese?”
  • Five Principles of Career Success™ Series: A comprehensive, interactive career planning and training workshop series which includes creating your brand through self-awareness assessments; improving organizational awareness; developing a career action plan, building relationships and social capital through one’s emotional intelligence. The result: an inner confidence, enthusiasm, and focus in knowing the tools and strategies for career success.
  • Discovering Emotional Intelligence: To be successful in today’s workplace, our ability to understand and effectively manage emotions in both ourselves and others is crucial to career and relationship development. Emotional Intelligence, or EQ, has become the new yardstick by which employees and leaders are measured. Participants will assess their EQ abilities and learn basic skills related to personal competence and social competence.
  • Seven Laws for Engaging Spirit in the Workplace: A 2- or 3-day workshop based on the best-selling Seven Spiritual Laws of Success book by Deepak Chopra. The goal is to create abundance, harmony and an enthusiasm for our work life and success.

We can bring these trainings to your site or you can look at our calendar and attend our off-site workshops. Recchion & Associates, Inc. can also tailor a training solution to your company’s needs.