Gary was referred to me at a time when I began to feel rather hopeless that I would not ever attain my ‘dream job’ of nonprofit executive leadership. He immediately assisted me by reframing how I saw myself, my skills and my ability to achieve my dreams. In a short time, my resume reflected my experience but in a more professional and confident manner. Gary is inspiring and yet challenging which was the exact combination that I needed.

Debbie DiCarlo – Executive Director Cancer Support Community Arizona

Gary brought the right mix of support and challenge to help me get focused on what needed to be done to repatriate to the USA after 27 years abroad. He helped me to understand myself better and how to tell my story to have impact on recruiting managers. He also introduced me to his broad network which allowed me to understand the USA market. After working together, I was able to land a perfect role in my choice of company and location.

Bill Agostini – Global Human Resources Organization Development & Talent Management Business Executive

It’s rare that you come across a coach and mentor as passionate, encouraging, and SPOT ON as I did while working with Gary Recchion on a recent career transition. Of course he helped with the traditional aspects such as advice for my resume, tips to describe my accomplishments in greater clarity, networking strategies, and how to create the right written collateral for my job campaign… all very important to communicate my story and brand to prospective employers! He excelled in this area and gave expert advice and counsel. But Gary did much more than that during this transitional and uncertain time for me. He gave me hope and the power to believe in myself and the constant reminder that everything was exactly as it should be. His faith-based encouragement and reinforcement was uplifting, inspiring, and exactly what I needed, without having to tell him.

Cindy George – Vice President of Human Resources at Brookline College

I was referred to Gary during a time of transition, working with him turned out to be one of the best career decisions I have made! During a tumultuous time, he kept me on track, gave me advice and guidance and was a sounding board to evaluate potential opportunities. Gary gave me specific direction on my resume and LinkedIn profile which proved invaluable in getting noticed by recruiters. Gary helped me consider all job possibilities and how they met my goals, both personally and professionally, with great results. I highly recommend his services as an investment into yourself and future growth!

Traci Scott Wilkinson, Sales Manager, Fox Television

Some of my talents had been squashed, some needed nurturing and others were hidden and needed to be explored and developed. Working with Gary was an eye-opening experience that gave me hope, re-ignited my passion for advocacy and self-confidence.

Sandra Gilbert, Site Manager. G.D. Barri & Associates

Gary is the ultimate “pay it forward” guy, he has been a tremendous influence and a support in my transitional journey. He has always made himself available when I needed the most. Make no mistake, going from one line of work to a very different one takes enormous effort and a mind shift. Gary has a very well thought out course and process that he artfully and seamlessly executes while guiding his clients through it. I recommend Gary’s services to anyone who is serious about his/her career and would like to save months or even years of frustration to get the next step they aspire.

Albert Bor, Product Owner at American Express, BOR Group

In working with Gary you unveil ideas, challenge your fears, rebuild confidence and take ownership of your own career and life balance.

Michelle Seaters, Senior Project Manager, VSP Global