Five Strategies to Energize your Job Search……`

Whether you’ve just started or are in the middle of an arduous job search, are unemployed, underemployed, or thinking about a career change, let me suggest 5 strategies to really “jazz up” your search and energize your campaign in a competitive market.

1. Attitude is everything! So how do you maintain the right attitude, confidence, perseverance with grim economic news, and a job search process that is more negative than positive? Studies have shown that there are five Attitudes (5 C’s) key to the psychology of change, turning job loss into an opportunity. “Challenge” yourself; be “Committed”, set goals and stretch yourself. “Control” what you have influence over. Build inner “Confidence”, recognize your strengths and passion; nurture personal and professional “Connections”. Embrace change…

2. Have a laser focus… in all your personal marketing – resumes, cover letters, networking and interviews; it determines your marketplace value. In my coaching, the single most important success strategy is to understand one’s unique brand or focus, and be able to articulate it on paper and in an interview. Create a laser focused Campaign Plan with primary/secondary “target” positions, industries and companies that match your direction, interest/passion. Focus on growth businesses and industries. Tailor and repackage your transferrable skills for each serious opportunity.

3. Effectively use all key search strategies….So you’re creating this laser focused “Campaign Plan” in the areas of personal marketing materials, networking/social media, recruiters and agencies, job boards and targeting. Align your efforts to the success rate of each strategy (varies with position/market); generally spend as much as 60-70% of your time in developing your network, 15-20% working with recruiters/agencies, and 20-25+% in using internet job boards/ads and targeting. Track metrics, and daily goals; evaluate daily achievements. Course correct when something isn’t working, and reward yourself when you’ve met a goal.

4. Network….Network….Network – The “Connections” attitude can determine our success, and gets us through change; with a success rate as high as 60-70+%, it must be a campaign focus. We’re asking friends, family, associates, industry experts, and their networks for advice, feedback and ideas about our campaign, profession, marketability, skills transfer and marketplace. Attend professional association, job search, and industry network meetings, and tap into social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook. But remember, networking is as much about being generous with your advice, feedback and ideas as it is asking for it……

5. Be Open – Explore other opportunities – Be laser focused, but not so rigid as to miss what might be a hidden opportunity, or the chance to pursue your dream; maybe it’s more meaningful work, starting a new business, consulting, exploring network marketing, or a home based business. Be open to part-time, full-time contract, temporary or intern positions, volunteering, taking classes/training, where you can develop other skills and marketability, while opening up new doors.

Use this job search and personal change to assess, re-evaluate, identify some new direction, look within so as to reinvent oneself, and master these five strategies, to energize your campaign, rise above the competition and position yourself for future success.